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Specialized software for DMCs and tour operators
Uniquely based synergy of knowledge, experience and skills of experts from both, tourist and IT industries.

Reliable IT solution that:

  • permanently develops
  • follows Users vital and business needs,
  • follows new business environments,
  • follows actual global trends in tourist business and information technologies

Completely supported and complemented services

  • records,
  • presentations,
  • sales,
  • organizing and implementing of operational and service activities

Full supports for ALL tourist agency business segments

  • Organizing and sales of tourist products that contain more than one tourist service, including hotel or other accommodation
  • unique whole package price
  • all kind support for organizing and sales of travel packages, both incoming and outgoing (distant travel, tours …)
  • Preparing, calculating and realizing of travel product offers toward known client – other travel agency, company or customized group
  • ad-hoc,travel/tours, serials, incentives, team building, etc.
  • Organizing and sales of tourist products that contain more than one tourist service (excl. accommoda- tion) under unique whole package price
  • Segment intended for “fast” and ad hoc sales and tourist neturističkih products and services, the most common of others, whose capacities and prices may not be or are not predefined in the system
  • Contracting, organizing, sales and sales management for both, hotel or home accommodation, out of own allotments or upon request
  • Sales of all other tourism and travel products to the tourist destination, regardless of the type of business and the direction (incoming or outgoing)
  • unified records of all transfer requests out of all tourist/travel business segments
  • transfer orders, organizing and realisation on daily basis
  • particular SINTESYS IBE (Internet Booking Engine) module, created for tourist products and services web presentations, defined in other tourist segments
  • real time sales
  • B2C and B2B sales channels supported
  • Real time interaction with central data base
  • Actual capacity availability insight from mobile device
  • Automated reservation entry and capacity updating in central data base
  • Invoice taxation
  • Invoice and travel documents printout on mobile printer or POS device
  • Sales report and balance of account