Leading manufacturer of Travel software solutions for DMCs and tour operators .

ABC Informatic Ltd. through the past nearly two decades of work, together with top experts from travel agency business from our leading Travel Agencies (Atlas, Atlas Airtours, Gulliver TUI, Elite, Globtour et al.) has built a unified information system for the tourism industry, especially DMC travel agencies and tour operators. The system fully encompasses work records, presentation, organization and sale of travel products and services, supported by all of the specific and often unpredictable situations that follow a complex and dynamic operation of travel agencies,and provides high automation and integration of data and business processes with the direct complicity with the surrounding IT systems in real time.


ABC has first offered on the Croatian market an ASP (Application Service Provider) concept, before more than 10 years, making our solution affordable to smaller agencies, enabling our customers to consume SINTESYS without further investment in their own IT infrastructure

ABC has established ISO 9001 Quality management system, and ISO 27001 Security management system.


Using the cutting edge Internet technologies, combined with many years of experience in the ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) application software development, implementation and integration, with special knowledge in the field of travel and tourism industry, ABC has made a step forward again and offered to market SINTESYS travel software solution.

SINTESYS is technologically strong and functionally modern product, which along with numerous technological and conceptual advantages represents an interesting and acceptable solution, not only for locals but also for the world market.